Installation Guide

Installing Your OPD350 Pump


1.    Remove locknut and one rubber washer from threaded nipple leaving one rubber washer on the threads.

2.    Put the sensor wire through the water heater pan hole located on the side of the water heater pan.

3.    Put the threaded nipple through the same hole.

4.    Put the sensor wire through the rubber washer and then the locknut and fasten the locknut onto the threads. After hand tight, turn locknut ¼ turn with a wrench. Do NOT over-tighten.

5.    Remove backing from under the sensor wire to expose the sticky pad.

6.    Press the sticky side down onto the floor of the pan.

7.    Plug the power supply into the opening on the side of the pump.

8.    Plug the power supply into the GFCI wall receptacle.

9.    Press the test button on the top of the device.

a.  Both red and green lights will go on, the alarm and pump will start for a second, and then go off.
b. The red light will go out leaving only the green (ready) light on.

10. YOUR OPD350 IS READY TO WORK, NOW YOU MUST INSTALL and setup The Kevlyn Pumps mobile app.


Don’t forget to test the pump at least once every six (6) months. Kevlyn Pumps will send you a reminder on your phone.

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