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Only Overflow Device with an Integral Pump

Compatible with gas and electric water heaters


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How it Works

Your Kevlyn Pumps “OPD350” is a plumbing trade designed fluid detection and notification system with an integral pump with the capacity to move 340 gallons per hour.

When your customer’s water heater develops a leak, the OPD350 primary sensor will detect the leak. An audible alarm will sound and the app will send a push notification to their mobile device.

The pump will start when the water level in the reservoir closes the low voltage circuit.. The pump will stop and start depending on water inflow.

A notification will be sent every hour unless the test/silence button is push. This will reset the notification to restart (if needed) in 12 hours.

Key Features

Technology & Specs


24V DC Power Supply

Motor, Full load Amps (Fuse Size) – 2.0 Amps

Motor Type – Permanent Magnet

Pump Leads & Strength – 18 Ga. – 2 leads (red +, black -)

Max. Liquid Temp +160°F – Min. Liquid Temp +40°F

Pump Materials – FDA Ultraform plastic head – ABS Motor housing

Motor Shaft Material – 416 S.S.

Suction Inlet screened.

Discharge 3/8” MPT

Gasket – Nitrile

Shaft Seals – Nitrile™

O-rings – Neoprene 

Pump Performance



The pump needs to be within range of a permanent Wi-Fi signal that has full-time internet access.

A mobile device (phone, tablet) with the Kevlyn Pumps mobile app running Android 9 or newer or iOS 9.3 or newer.